Sonja grew up on a farm in the North-Western part of South-Africa. She loved the simplicity, open veld and big horizons of this vast, flat landscape. Her earliest childhood memories are that of playing in the spruit with clay, making dolosse with her friends. Here she experienced the dignity and quiet of being at one with nature but also being at nature’s mercy to provide rain at the right time to secure her future.

After school she studied Landscape Architecture and graduated from the University of Pretoria in 1991 and was awarded a Design of Excellence Award in 2012. She worked the next 25 years mostly in the City of Johannesburg, where she moved the earth and planted thousands of trees in the hope to share some of her love of nature with the people around her. She is registered with SACLAP –South African Council of Landscape Architectural Profession and retains membership with BOTSOC – Botanical Society of South Africa and the Mountain Club of Cape Town. She uses nature as a blueprint for her landscape designs and the focus of her work is on Landscape Rehabilitation, where the original native vegetation of a site is restored. 

Sculpting is a natural extension of her talent as a designer and understanding of our natural ecology and her two professions inform and complement each other as it comes from the same awareness of creating form.

Now living in Cape Town with nature once again surrounding her, she is inspired to pursue her profession and art and to share this beauty in the hope to evoke change. Although still unsure of how the next 25 years will turn out, but forever hopeful in the following her passion and what she believes in: A Reconnection with Nature and the Instinctual.

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